Sunday, 10 June 2012

FEATURE PRODUCT: 180 Protein Superfood

I recently received a starter pack from the lovely folk at 180 Nutrition. The company has a range of both whey and vegan protein supplements. Their vegan protein was recommended to me by a friend so I was very keen to try it and subsequently not disappointed. Here is the low-down.

What's different about 180's supplement compared to regular protein powders?

- It's 100% raw, natural and gluten free
- Its free from added sugars and sweeteners
- It can be used as a convenient meal replacement
- It increases metabolism due to its high fibre content
- All its nutrients are derived from raw natural ingredients (Australian made)
- It's free from all artificial flavouring/preservatives, bulking agents/thickeners & binders

How does it taste? 

I tried the chocolate and coconut flavours. Throwing it in the blender with my soy milk and some banana and frozen berries, they were very pleasant tasting with a subtle coconutty or chocolatty flavour. I like that you can see what some of the ingredients are in the powder such as the whole chia and sesame seeds. As its free from artificial bulking agents and thickeners, it feels light to drink and doesn't give you a gluggy feeling like you just ate a thick shake. Of course, if you wanted to make it thicker, you could just go right ahead and add more chia seeds or linseeds yourself but the good folk at 180 have left that up to the individual.

Ordering 180 Protein Superfood

Firstly, you can check out their website at for a more detailed description of the company and their products but I think a good place to start is the 'starter pack' which comes with free postage. 180 nutrition also has a crazy 110% money back gaurantee if you're not satisfied with their product!

180 Nutrition are very passionate about what they do and have created a pure, protein and health supplement for the sporty, the healthy, the food sensitive and whole family alike. Thumbs up!



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