Wednesday, 14 March 2012

FEATURE FANS #1 Sarah and Jacqueline

 Sarah Jans and Jacqueline Melia

Two of my biggest fans, my sister Sarah (right) and one of my best friends, Jacqueline (left). Yeah, I know, its a bit of a no brainer but my sister Sarah - or Papa Janno, Janno Snr, Lord Jannus as she is also known - is awesome, probably my number one fan. I can talk to her about anything, she's a very good listener and - thankfully for me - she pretty much always has good advice. We debrief, trade stories and generally talk shit on a Sunday morning before the sun rises at the fruit and vegetable stall where we both work. I know that at the market I wont have to peel her away from the elaborate kingdoms and realms she conquers in the world of computer games. Just kidding, well not about the fantasy nerd factor but she definitely has the ability to put things in perspective for me and gives me a solid base to always go back to. Dont know what I would do without her.
And Jacqueline. An old and beautiful friend. If I don't tell her about an upcoming fight I know I'm in trouble. Living in each other's pockets for the better part of our mid-teens, we did our first band together, her on bass and me on drums. We travelled Europe together (along with Sarah) at the age of 20, tried unsuccessfully to do a record distribution company and even spent a lazy few months together on the dole! She never failed in her subtlety of letting me know when I got a little too much though...Emily its probably time to go back to your own house after a week of stealing someone's blankets at night and causing more damage to the bathroom drain after dropping your nose ring down the plug and trying to fix it! 
Jacs always sits with my family ringside, she even flew down to Tassie with them for the Australian Amateur Boxing Champs. I'm very lucky to have a friend like her that is so interested and supportive of me to the extent she is.

This one's for you guys, thanks for all the support!


  1. Thanks muscles! You'll be on here as a MAJOR RAGER sooner or later!