Saturday, 17 March 2012


Sunwarrior Protein: Chocolate

Its only fitting that I review a vegan protein powder called Sunwarrior on my vegan sports blog that shares almost exactly the same name, right? Well, just for the record, I did not rip the name for this blog from a packet of protein. That being said, it is a cool name. To set the record straight, the title of my blog - The Warrior Sun - was inspired by the mythology of the Aztec Sun God. There were many sun gods in Aztec mythology because they represented the ages but my favourite is the Hummingbird. The god of war, the sun god and the god of death, the story says Huitzilopochtli was born full-grown and came out fighting. He would fight the darkness every night to bring the sun for the next day and while I'm not religious, I was extremely impressed by ancient Mesoamerican stories when I visited the ruins of their civilisations.

Sunwarrior protein is great. It has a smooth texture that blends well and the taste is really good. I had the chocolate one and it even passed the test of having it alone with water - a test other vegan proteins have failed for me. Its 80% protein (apparently the highest non-soy vegan protein on the market) and ticks all the usual suspect boxes like gluten free, non-GMO, soy-free and of course, lactose free and vegan. In fact, its made from sprouting and fermenting whole grain brown rice and its raw which means its made with low temperatures and without chemicals. Wow.

Hats off to these folks because they've nailed a really healthy, all natural product in a super tasty format. The packet says "Sunwarrior: Transforming the planet one warrior at a time". I am definitely one converted warrior.

Check out their website at to read more about their products and give them a try!


  1. Growing naturals is cheaper and higher in protein (90%) if you are looking for an alternative :)

  2. There is lot of articles on the web about this. But I like yours more, although i found one that’s more descriptive. sun warrior protein